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As an employer, consultant, broker or third-party administrator (TPA), one of your top priorities is cost containment.  To achieve this for your health plan or health plans, you want a Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) that can provide the full continuum of services, including controls over the pharmacy benefit to optimize cost-saving opportunities.  Traditionally, this requires a balance between operations and price.  But to achieve that balance, you need the right PBM.  Most clients overlook the personal factor when evaluating potential PBMs to find the right one.  

At MaxorPlus, we believe that selecting a PBM should focus on establishing a sound business relationship as the foundation to support certain pillars.  What’s more, we ask clients and prospects what they are looking for in their business relationship with a PBM – and we actually listen to them.  One thing we have found is that a key success factor for PBM services is a client- and member-centered corporate culture.  That is why we take pride in our flexibility and our willingness to customize benefit design and other features based on the needs of each individual client.
The five pillars which are the foundation of the services we provide consist of:

Henry Ford said that consumers could buy cars in any color, “as long as it’s black.”  Some PBMs have the same approach to the services that they offer.

At Maxor, we listen to clients to understand their unique and changing needs, and then find ways meet those needs.  Pharmaceutical innovation contributes to the rising costs of drug therapy, which is becoming increasingly complex due to research in the life sciences.

With MaxorPlus, you will benefit from having ownership over each component through our collaborative, client-centered approach:

  • Full service, nationwide PBM
  • Service, operational & financial flexibilities and clinical programs are our core strengths
  • MaxorPlus is a self-contained PBM
  • Retail Network
  • Mail Order Pharmacy
  • Specialty Pharmacy
  • Customer Service
  • Clinical Department
  • Account Management

The growth of MaxorPlus in establishing a national footprint comes from our approach to business development. We know that our success comes from the success that we have with each client and every individual member that we touch. Our value proposition comes from genuine alignment of our interests with those of our clients, and a focus on the total cost of healthcare, and the long-term outcomes and savings from pharmaceutical products when members follow their prescribed drug regimens.